Akim Adekpedjou, PhD

Associate Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Missouri University of Science & Technology

(Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla)

Rolla, MO 65409-USA

Office: 214 Rolla Building

Phone: (573) 341-4649; E-Mail: akima@mst.edu



Research Interests

Curriculum Vitae  pdf


Manuscripts Submitted/Invited for Revision

Manuscripts Under Preparation

        Estimation of mean rate function using weighted estimating equations with recurrent events

        On models for identifying risk factors with spatially correlated right censored data

        Rank-based estimates in survey sampling

        Checking the Cox-model using cumulative sum of martingales residuals with recurrent events

        Corrected phase-type approximations of Gerber-Shiu functions in the compound Poisson risk process








Spring 2017

        Stat 5644: Mathematical Statistics

        Stat 6841: Stochastic Processes


Academic year 2014-2015; while in sabbatical at University of Ulm, Germany


Multivariate time series: (Master, spring 2015, Textbook: Multivariate time series by R. Tsay, Wiley)


Time series analysis: (Master, fall 2014, Textbook: Time series analysis: Theory and methods, by Brockwell and Davis, Springer)

Past courses:






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