Akim Adekpedjou, PhD

Associate Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Missouri University of Science & Technology

(Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla)

Rolla, MO 65409-USA

Office: 214 Rolla Building

Phone: (573) 341-4649; E-Mail: akima@mst.edu



Research Interests

Curriculum Vitae  pdf

Publications (for the last 6 years- for a full list, see CV)

        Bindele, H., and Adekpedjou, A. (2018). Rank-based inference with responses missing not at random, Canadian Journal of Statistics, to appear

Manuscripts Submitted/Under Revision

Manuscripts Under Preparation

        Analysis of IBNR claims under Markovian Assumptions (with D. Geiger, in preparation)

        Rank-based estimates in survey sampling (with Bindele, in preparation)

        Models for Kriging with right censored data (with J-Y. Dauxois, in preparation)

        A class of weighted semiparametric models for recurrent event data (with R. Stocker, in preparation)

        A Semiparametric additive rate models for recurrent events (with R. Stocker, in preparation)




Spring 2017

        Stat 5644: Mathematical Statistics

        Stat 6841: Stochastic Processes


Academic year 2014-2015; while in sabbatical at University of Ulm, Germany


        Multivariate time series: (Master, spring 2015, Textbook: Multivariate time series by R. Tsay, Wiley)

        Time series analysis: (Master, fall 2014, Textbook: Time series analysis: Theory and methods, by Brockwell and Davis, Springer)

Past courses:


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