Zaeem Research Group

Computational Materials & Mechanics Laboratory (CMML)

Welcome to CMML! Our research lab is focused on studying and predicting nano and microstructures of materials developed during different materials processing. Our special interest is to create advanced integrated computational models that enable study of materials at different length scales to find the structure-property relations. To calibrate and validate our modeling efforts, we employ different experimental techniques, such as optical microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM-orientation image mapping) and transmission electron microscope (TEM).

Our current research interests include connecting atomistic simulations to phase-field crystal and phase-field–finite element models for predicting nano- and microstructural evolutions during solidification, grain growth, and solid state phase transformation in light-weight and energy related materials.


Mohsen Asle Zaeem, Ph.D.

Roberta and G. Robert Couch Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Adjunct Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology

132 Straumanis-James Hall
401 W. 16th St., Rolla, MO 65409-1170


Phone: (573) 341-7184


Contact Information

Recent Publications

M. Beyramalikivi and M. Asle Zaeem. Generalized stacking fault energies, ductilities, and twinnabilities of CoCrFeNi-based face-centered cubic high entropy alloys. Scripta Materialia 139 (2017) 83-86. 

N. Zhang and M. Asle Zaeem. Effects of specimen size and Y2O3 content on mechanical properties of single crystalline yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia nanopillars. Journal of Applied Physics 122 (2017) 014302.

M. Beyramalikivi, M. Asle Zaeem, and S. Lekakh. Investigating phase formations in casting of AlFeCoNiCu high entropy alloys by combination of computational modeling and experiments. Materials and Design 127 (2017) 224-232. 

J. Bair, M. Asle Zaeem, D. Schwen. Formation path of δ hydrides in zirconium by multiphase field modeling. Acta Materialia 123 (2017) 235-244.

T. Mukhopadhyay, A. Mahata, S. Adhikari, and M. Asle Zaeem. Effective elastic properties of two dimensional multiplanar hexagonal nano-structures. 2D Materials 4 (2017) 025006.

E. Asadi and M. Asle Zaeem. Quantitative phase-field crystal modeling of solid-liquid interfaces for FCC metals. Computational Materials Science 127 (2017) 236-243.

N. Zhang and M. Asle Zaeem. Competing mechanisms between dislocation and phase transformation in plastic deformation of single crystalline yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia nanopillars. Acta Materialia 120 (2016) 337-347.

J. Bair, M. Asle Zaeem, M. Tonks. A phase-field model to study the effects of temperature change on nucleation and growth of γ-hydrides in zirconium. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (2016) 405302 (10pp).

A. Emdadi, M. Asle Zaeem, E. Asadi. Revisiting phase diagrams of two-mode phase-field crystal models. Computational Materials Science 123 (2016) 139-147.

M. Mohammadi Ghaleni, M. Asle Zaeem, J. Smith, R. O’Malley. Computational fluid dynamics study of molten steel flow patterns and particle–wall interactions inside a side-gate nozzle by a hybrid turbulent model. Metallurgical Materials Transaction B 47 (2016) 3056-3065.

W. Xiao, M. Asle Zaeem, S. Bal, M.N. Rahaman. Creation of bioactive glass (13–93) scaffolds for structural bone repair using a combined finite element modeling and rapid prototyping approach. Materials Science and Engineering C 68 (2016) 651-662.

E. Asadi and M. Asle Zaeem. The anisotropy of hexagonal close-packed and liquid interface free energy using molecular dynamics simulations based on modified embedded-atom method. Acta Materialia 107 (2016) 337-344.

J. Bair, M. Asle Zaeem, M. Tonks. A review on hydride precipitation in zirconium alloys. Journal of Nuclear Materials 466 (2015) 12-20.

E. Asadi and M. Asle Zaeem. A modified two-mode phase-field crystal model applied to face-centered cubic and body-centered cubic orderings. Computational Materials Science 105 (2015) 110-113.

M. Mamivand, M. Asle Zaeem, H. El Kadiri. Effect of variant strain accommodation on the three-dimensional microstructure formation during martensitic transformation: Application to zirconia. Acta Materialia 87 (2015) 45-55.

E. Asadi, M. Asle Zaeem, S. Nouranian, M.I. Baskes. Quantitative modeling of the equilibration of two-phase solid-liquid Fe by atomistic simulations on diffusive time scales. Physical Review B 91 (2015) 024105 (13 pages).