Upcoming Events

Spring 2008

New ME and AE Professors 4:00PM
January 30 @ CE 120


Take advantage of ASME programs including:

  • The Student Center (www.asme.org/students) filled with career resources including the International Online Jobs Database, Resume Referral Service and the ASME Jobs Coach, where you can get answers to your most difficult career questions from experienced career coaches.
  • ME Today, The Mechanical Advantage, and the Student monthly E-zine--timely online advice on careers and up-to-the-minute information on ASME programs, including scholarships, competitions and news about your peers.
  • ASME's e-mentoring program, providing individual student members with guidance from an experienced engineer practicing in the field.
  • The ASME Internship page, created to help you find the perfect internship or co-op to fit your interests.
  • ASME's monthly publication, Mechanical Engineering, filled with up-to-date technical articles, free with your membership.

Apply online at:


ASME Student Section Goals

UMR strives to:

  1. Develop professional excellence of student members through leadership and service opportunities
  2. Familiarize members with the versatile and continuously evolving career field of Mechanical Engineering by providing informational seminars, interactive discussions, and orientations detailing recent developments within the profession
  3. Foster friendly camaraderie amongst student engineers and professional contacts that will endure throughout their lives

For more information about ASME, read the ASME Constitution.