Baojun Bai

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Professional Experiences: 

  1. Associate Professor, Lester Birbeck Endowed Chair, Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Engineering, 09/2011-present
  2. Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 08/2006 – 08/2011.
  3. Postdoc Scholar, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 07/2005 – 07/2006.
          Work on two U.S. DOE research projects and three industry projects
    • "Cost Effective Surfactant Formulations for Improved Oil Recovery in Carbonate Reservoirs," DOE Contract No. DE-FC26-04NT15521
    • "Bio-Engineering High Performance Microbial Strains for MEOR by Directed Protein Evolution Technology," DOE Contract No. DE- PS26-04NT15450-3B
    • "Polymer Evaluation for Polymer Flooding," JIP project supported by Shell, Chevron, and Saudi-Armco.
    • "600 ft Core Flooding Experiments for Polymer Flooding in Minas Unit," Cooperated with Chevron.
    • "Transport of Bright Water through Porous Media," Cooperated with Chevron.
  4. Graduate Research Assistant, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center, 05/2002-05/2005
    1. Work on US Department of Energy (DOE) research project: "Improving CO2 Efficiency for Recovering Oil in Heterogeneous Reservoirs (DE-FC26-01BC15364)." Experiences including: 
    • Solute transport through porous media: Design and conduct core flooding experiments to study surfactants transport through porous media for foam flooding. Describe core compositions and structure by X-ray diffraction, SEM, Thin Section, and AFM to analyze solute transport mechanism through porous media.
    • Interaction of liquid/solid: Design and conduct batch experiments to study surfactants sorption onto minerals. Conduct Zeta Potential experiments to understand mechanisms of surfactant adsorption onto minerals. 
    • Numerical simulation: Based on laboratory experiment results, model the transport of surfactants through porous media and optimize foam flooding process by using numerical simulator.  
  5. Research Engineer/Section Head, Conformance Control, Production Engineering Department, RIPED, PetroChina Company Limited (Petrochina), Beijing, China (05/1995-05/2002) 
    1. Worked on projects related to conformance control,chemical EOR and reservoir simulation, funded by CNPC, PetroChina, SINOPEC, CNOOC and oilfields. 
    • Development of oilfield chemicals: Synthesized several kinds of gel, such as in-situ weak gel and strong gel, preformed particle gel, and so on, and a temporary plugging agent. These gels can be used in the reservoirs with temperature from 20 to 130 0C and salinity up to 300,000 mg/l and have been successfully applied to control conformance. The temporary plugging agent is characterized by temporarily plugging low permeability zones during gel injection process and automatically dissolving after gel injection.
    • Evaluation of oilfield chemicals: Evaluated the influences of reservoir conditions on gel, polymer and W/O emulsions, including effects of temperature, salinity, and reservoir core properties. A series of evaluation methods of gels were developed and were published as a petroleum industrial standard of China.
    • Fluid flow in porous media: Designed and conducted core flooding experiments to evaluate the flow behavior and rheology of polymers, gels, emulsions and preformed gel