If a ship travels along a curved path of radius 350 m with its speed increasing at a rate of 1000 km/h2, find the magnitude of acceleration when the speed is
70 km/h.

a. 1.049 m/s2
b. 1.083m/s2
c. 1.079 m/s2
d. 1.069

Given data:
v   - velocity of the ship = 70 km/h
at - tangential acceleration of the ship = 1000 km/h2
r   - radius of curved path = 350 m = 0.35 km

Let an be the normal component of acceleration
The expression for an is
an = v2/r = 702/0.35 = 14000 km/h2

The expression for a is given as
a = at ut + an un
where ut and un are unit vectors in the tangential and normal directions

The magnitude of a is given by

The magnitude of acceleration of the ship when the speed is 70 km/h is 1.083 m / s2