An antiaircraft missile is being tested for its accuracy.During the test,the missile is to hit an unmanned aircraft travelling at a velocity given by v=5t2-1000 m/s. The missile is fired at an initial velocity of 0 m/s and its velocity equation is given by v=10t+5 m/s. It hits the plane after 3 minutes of its launch .At the time it hit the plane,the velocity of the missile was ten times that of the plane .Find the acceleration of the plane at the time it was hit by the missile .

1) 123.452 m/s2
2) 200.745 m/s2

3) 434.125 m/s2
4) 152.656 m/s2

The relation between the airplane and the missile is given by the relation that,Vmissile =50*Vairplane,at the time they collided.

Velocity of the missile, at the time it hit the plane,is
v = 10t+5 = 1.805 km/s.
The velocity of the plane is v = 0.1805 km/s

This is the acceleration of the plane when it is hit by the missile.