The 150 kg mass is being dragged across a smooth surface by a vehicle A, which is climbing a slope of 5o. The cable passes over a small pulley B.Determine the work done by the vehicle to increase the cable angle from 20o to 30o, with the vehicle exerting a constant force of 200N on the cable.

1) 1000.3 J.
2) 1847.6 J.
3) 2345.6 J.
4) 5432.1 J.
The length of rope between the pulley and the mass is,
At q= 20o (BC1) = 10/sin(20)
At q= 30o (BC2) = 10/sin(30)

The work done by the vehicle is given by,
UT = F[(BC1) - (BC2)] ;
= 200[(10/sin 20 ) - (10/sin 30)] ;
= 1847.6 J.