CS 4700 - Computers and the Law a/k/a
Intellectual Property for Computer Scientists

Description: A presentation between the law of intellectual property and computer science. Topics include the application of copyright principles to computer programs, protection of computer programs through patents and trade secret law, the effect of trademark law on Internet domain name disputes, and the interpretation of various agreements which are frequently encountered by the computer scientist.

Meeting Time: Tuesday 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

* MST Campus - Computer Science 209
* MST EEC/UMSL - EEC Room or Video

Course Information
Syllabus - DOC PDF
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Text Book - None
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Oral Presentation - Discussed in class.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please have a printed copy of the syllabus and handout 1 for the first day's lecture. All handouts are available under the Schedule.

UMR Campus
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