ENG MGT 5512 - Legal Environment

Description: Study of the effect of the legal environment on the decisions which the engineering manager must make. The course investigates the social forces that produced this environment and the responsibilities incumbent upon the engineer.

Meeting Time: Tuesday 4:00 - 6:30 p.m.

* MST Campus - Bertelsmeyer Hall 00B12B
* MST EEC/UMSL - EEC Room or Video

Course Information
Syllabus - DOC or PDF
Schedule - HTML
Text Book:
Text Book - Legal Environment: Business Law and Business Entities by Brian J. Halsey, June McLaughlin (2011) ISBN:9780735568105
Oral Presentation - Discussed in class.
Written Presentation Guidelines - DOC or PDF
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please have a printed copy of the syllabus and handout 1 for the first day's lecture. All handouts are available under the Schedule.

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