Carla Bates

Carla Bates

Carla Bates is pursuing a PhD at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri.

SWoRD Development

(Scaffolded Writing and Rewriting in the Discipline)

Feedback is critical for students to improve their writing skills.  Because it is so labor intensive instructors tend to shy away from writing assignments. SWoRD provides a tool to meet this critical need. It allows scaffolded peer assessment anonymously. Involving the students in grading of peers papers while encourage student centered instruction and the student taking their learning in their own hands as well as the students developing evaluation and writing skills.

Tasks Assigned

  • Layout of Design

    First Dr. Cho and I met to outline how the system would work.

  • Database Design

    First I was tasked to design the database for the new section to the system

  • Low Fidelity Prototype

    Next was to design rough prototypes of the screens. I did this in Word. After receiving feedback, I created a more detailed web site prototype.

  • Programming

    Lastly, I was charged with programming for the site the Comment Interface for the site.