Carla Bates

Carla Bates

Carla Bates is pursuing a PhD at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri.

System Development

This page will highlight my system development throughout working on my degree.

Programming of Systems

  • Academic Alert System
    The Academic Alert System: a helpful tool for students and instructors.

    Missouri S&T is committed to the success of its students by providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning. To ensure that every student takes full advantage of the educational opportunities and support programs on campus, the university has implemented the Academic Alert System. More....

  • SWoRD
    The first year (two semesters of coursework and two summers) I worked with Dr. Kwangsu Cho (my advisor at the time) on revising/enhancing the SWoRD system.

    Writing with feedback is critical for students to improve in writing, but it is so labor intensive that writing assignments are rarely assigned. SWoRD provides a tool to meet this critical need.  More....

Improving Systems

All of the following courses use activity theory in that the actions of the students are goal-directed and different actions were taken by the students to meet the same goal.

  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
    In this course, we investigated several different CSCW systems and then were charged with finding ways to improve the chat area of Sakai, a Course Management System.

    We started out with learning what Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) were and investigating a few of these systems. We were then asked to look at the chat area of Sakai and try to come up with some improvements. More....

  • Developing Performance Support Systems
    While taking this course, my group was assigned to try develop a prototype for a Performance Support System that would assist students and advisors and  improve the process of completing and submitting the Plan of Study (POS) that is completed by graduate students in the Learning Systems Design & Development (LSDD) graduate program at University of Missouri.

    As a group, we walked through all the steps needed to design a performance support system keeping in mind all that we had previously learned about performance support systems. More....

  • Human-Computer Interaction
    While taking Human-Computer Interaction doctoral course, we were asked to look at a learning game, Immune Attack, and evaluate whether proposed modifications would raise a player's motivation level.

    We worked in pairs on this project. A new version of Immune Attack was released and we were to do a usability study on some portion of the game that had changed to find out if the changes accomplished what they were supposed to accomplish.  More....

  • Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation
    While taking Information Sciences &Technology course 387, Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation, I was assigned to evaluate Express Scripts web site.

    Developers from Express Scripts informed us of two sections they wanted us to concentrate on evaluating: 1) employment 2) login/create account. More....