Carla Bates' Portfolio:System Development:Express Scripts Evaluation
Carla Bates

Carla Bates

Carla Bates is pursuing a PhD at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri.

Express Scripts Evaluation

While taking Information Sciences &Technology course 387, Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation, I was assigned to evaluate Express Scripts web site.

Developers from Express Scripts informed us of two sections they wanted us to concentrate on evaluating: 1) employment 2) login/create account.

The developers were familiar with our resources and specifically requested us to use the eye-tracking system during the evaluation. Eye-tracking is a form of evaluating how user-friendly a web site is by tracking eye movement of the user. There are two different types of data retrievable from these experience. First are heat maps which is a static document that shows where the user concentrated most on the page. Secondly, it tracks where exactly the user looked on the page and the actual movement of the line of vision.

We, as a group of four people, two on campus and two distance students, were required to write a proposal about the evaluation, complete the evaluation, write a findings report, and prepare a presentation on the findings. Employees from Express Scripts attended the class where we presented our findings.