Carla Bates

Carla Bates

Carla Bates is pursuing a PhD at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri.

Immune Attack

We worked in pairs on this project. A new version of Immune Attack was released and we were to do a usability study on some portion of the game that had changed to find out if the changes accomplished what they were supposed to accomplish.

During the semester, we met via Skype with one of the people that came up with the learning game and discussed the differences between the versions of the game and why those changes were made.

My group decided we wanted to compare the assistant in the game (change from "My Assistant" to "Mission Intel" to see if the changes made improved the enjoyment of playing the game. We wrote a proposal about what our usability study was going to accomplish and a final document that summarized the findings from the usability study.