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Instructor: Bates,CTitle: Info Sys: User Perspective
Section(s): IS&T 51 1A Term: FS2009

Number Responding: 23 Number Enrolled: 35 Percent Responding: 65.71% Effectiveness: 2.96

 Poor / Strongly DisagreeAverage / NeutralExcellent / Strongly AgreeSectionInstructorDeptUniv
Campus Questions0  1  2  3  4N/AAvgAvgAvgAvg
Evaluate this course, independent of the instructor's effectiveness, in terms of its educational value to you.0199402.
Rate the instructor's use of assignments and tests for facilitating your learning of the subject matter.0069803.
Rate the instructor's concern for your understanding of the material.00751103.
Rate the instructor's preparation for class.0159803.
Rate the instructor's ability to communicate.00510803.
Rate the instructor's ability to stimulate and motivate you.0397402.
Rate the overall teaching effectiveness of this instructor.0169703.
Instructor ratings required by state law to be posted for consumers0  1  2  3  4N/AAvgAvgAvgAvg
I would tell other students that the instructor was effective in communicating the content of the course.01210903.
I would tell other students that the instructor described and consistently followed course and grading policies.00171403.
I would tell other students that the instructor was prepared for class.00281203.
I would recommend this instructor to other students.01361203.

Graph of teacher effectiveness averages (Question 7)

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