High School Question Guidelines
By Bill.

Write 6 in two of following and 5 in the other two (try and write 6 in ART)

1 Biology
1-2 Chemistry
2 Math/Comp Sci
1-2 Physics
(choose between two physics or chemistry)


1 American history (after 1865)
1 American history (before 1865)
1 European history (after 1900)
1 European history (before 1900)
1 Ancient/World history
1 Social Science (economics, sociology, linguistics, psychology, current event (that fits)
(Do not write your European and American history over the same time period)


2 American literature
1 British or French literature
1 World literature
1 Classical Music
1 Art question
(Write the two American literature over two separate time periods, keep the World to well known books, or authors, and you can not cut out either the Classical Music or Art)


1-2 Religion/Philosophy/Mythology
1-2 Movies/TV/Popular Music
1-2 Sports
1 General (your choice, trash works, or for boni a 30-20-10 name the year does too.)
(choose two of the three above and write 2 question in that field, if you choose RPM, or Movies/TV/POP, write them on two different topics. Do not write two TV questions.)

Remember that these are for High schools go easy, any idiot should be able to get 19/20 by the last line; you can put one question that a very few people know but only one.
Do not write tossups and Boni over the same subject this only runs into trouble. Your questions should be between only be 25%-50% about real people.
If you do not write them you will not go to tournaments. We need 15 rounds, write them over Christmas break.

If you have questions, mail Bill.

HS Question Guide