Want to join the ACO?

It's Easy! All you have to do is show up to our next practice. We would be more than happy to see you there. If you like what you see, simply talk to Matt or any ACO member.

Still unsure why you absolutely must join? How about this...

Top Ten Reasons To Join

10. Lots of excuses to say "boni"

9. Does the president of any other university organization wear a beanie?(Bill refuses to wear a beanie despite the best efforts of the team)

8. Learn health secrets like the importance of a good night's sleep on a pool table

7. Face big name liberal arts schools and humiliate them

6. Where else can you hear someone say "Heisenberg uncertainty principle", "defenestration", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", and "Bobbitt" all in one minute?

5. Help us ponder what "00:01" means

4. It can make you a better student, but you'll enjoy it in spite of that

3. Mark Rooney's stories put Jeopardy! in a whole new light

2. You never know when we'll have a question about Yegor Gaidar

1. We've got buzzers!

We Want You!!!