“You know why they have 3 mile island hot wings; it's becuase there's a nuclear reactor there.”
Lonny to the team at Hooters

“What state was the senator from?”
“Go with California, we have a better chance.”
Bill and Boonville

Racer and Jim

“Why didn't you get a cherry in your milkshake?”
“I like my milkshakes with experience.”
Bill then Super

“Are you calling me a table slut?!?”
Andrea, the waitress from Steak'n'Shake

While reading questions one day,
“I have a colon and a period, who the hell has that”
“Probably every premenopausal women”

“Engineering has its benifits.”
“Sex is not one of them”
Bill and Jim

“Jim I do not know why you put up with her all weekend”
“Bill, if you had a girl hanging all over you, you would too. I know I would because i'm a desperate fuck”
Bill and Tracy

“BLT for Blonde”

“What kind of Nerd are You?”
“The Sexy kind!!”
Bill and Tracy

Jim's brother Joe when asked in the HS tournament is a line was parrallel, perpendicual, both or neither.

“This phylum” ... [blah blah blah] ... “This phylum” ... “characterized by having five legs...”
A question answered by Matt Chadbourne

Dan-O (at Applebee's Trivia Night): “Which president appears on the dime?”
Tracy: (writes down "DDE" on answer board) “They'll accept that won't they?”

“Any idiot knows the capital of Honduras is Honduras City!”

“If that's the capital of Nunavut, then what's the capital of Alluvut?”
Max and Jeffrey

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