Quickie Results:

Oklahoma (11-1) (Lost to Wash U)
Washington U (11-1) (Lost to Missouri)
Missouri-Columbia (11-1) (Lost to Oklahoma)
Missouri-Rolla (9-3)
Wichita State (8-4)

Circle of Death:

Oklahoma led total points and point differential among the head-to-head matches between the three teams, and gained a spot in the best 2 out of 3 finals. Missouri-Columbia and Wash U played a single match to determine the other finalist position, won by Missouri with a score of 245-140.

Oklahoma then defeated Missouri two games to none to gain the championship. (I forget the scores) Congratulations to both teams.

After Playoffs:

1. Oklahoma (13-1)
2. Missouri-Columbia (12-3)
3. Washington University (11-2)
4. Missouri-Rolla (9-3)
5. Wichita State (8-4)

Maybe more complete results will come later.

Jason Paik
Washington University in St. Louis