Congratulations to Battleplanet! in Spaaaace!!!, winners of FOGHAT (Face-Off Gaging High Achievement in Trash), which was held at the University of Missouri-Rolla on October 15th.  The tournament consisted of a round robin followed by double-elimination playoffs.  The details...

Team Standings:

1.  Battleplanet! in Spaaaace!!!

Roster:  Ben Lea, Dave Murphy, Stephen Gill and Adam Mitchell

Record: 5-1 RR, 3-1 Playoffs
Prize:  Each player received Foghat's _Slow Ride and Other Hits_ compilation CD and the team was awarded the "Fog hat", a hat ordered from that has the word "Fog" embroidered on it.

2.  Dr. T & the Gerbils

Roster:  Greg Sorenson, Chris Rosenberg

Record:  6-0 RR, 2-2 playoffs
Prize:  Each received swimmies with Dolphin graphics that they can wear while playing their new Shamu and Friends Save the Ocean board game.

3.  The Fake Slim Shadies

Roster:  Jason Schwengler, Brandon Chapman, Mike Raska, J Live

Record:  4-2 RR, 1-2 playoffs
Prize:  Each were each given a Star Wars Episode 1 super ball to add to their collective trophy, the inflatable Queen Amidala doll...I mean, chair.

4.  Psychedelic Pussycat (Wichita State)  3-3 RR, 0-2 playoffs
5.  Defenstrators in Training (Missouri-Rolla)  2-4 RR, 2-0 consolation
6.  Team Kaga (Oklahoma)  1-5 RR, 0-2 consolation
7.  Totally Skelebones Kung Fu Death Squad (Oklahoma)  0-6 RR, 1-1 consolation

The various other award winners...

Leaders of Individual Scoring in the Round Robin:
1.  Greg Sorenson, Dr. T & the Gerbils  (won a Foghat Live CD)
2.  Jason Schwengler, The Fake Slim Shadies (won the Godzilla Street Stompin' game)
3.  Ben Lea, Battleplanet! in Spaaaace!!!  (won a Gatorade towel)
4.  Chris Rosenberg, Dr. T & The Gerbils (won The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion)
5.  David Murphy, Battleplanet! in Spaaaace!!! (won the Fotonovel of the Donald Sutherland remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers)

Punt-Blocking Award
Dr. T & The Gerbils (won a Monday Night Football Interactive Card Game)

Rookie Award (given to highest scorer playing in first trash tournament)
Bob Gray, Defenestrators in Training

Thanks are owed to:
The University of Missouri-Rolla ACO for helping staff the tourney and arranging for the facilities and to Ilene Morgan, Matt Crook and Malcolm Hays who provided excellent moderating, stat compiling and scorekeeping.