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Once again, I'd like to thank the schools that attended our tournament and made it a success. Eight teams from six different schools competed in a preliminary round robin followed by ladder- play double elimination. Here's how it all worked out, in the form of final standings:

1. Carleton (9-1)
2. Iowa State A (8-3)
3. Grinnell (5-5)
4. Team Altaica (5-4)
5. Iowa State B (6-5)
6. UM-Rolla B (2-8)
7. UM-Rolla A (3-7)
8. Oklahoma (2-7)

Note that a couple of schools needed to depart early in fear of fast- approaching inclement weather (which did arrive, by the way). For games that teams missed, a loss was counted in the final standings. On a similar note, present teams that were supposed to have played the teams that left received a victory for that game in the final standings. A plaque was awarded to Carleton for their first place finish, with trophies going to Iowa State A and Grinnell for their second and third place finishes, respectively.

Individual statistics were only kept for the round robin portion of the tournament, with the top scorers being:

1. Joshua Hill, Team Altaica, 87.14 ppg
2. Ezra Lyon, Carleton, 72.86 ppg
3. Matt Cvijanovich, Iowa State A, 68.57 ppg
4. Scott Moser, Iowa State B, 32.14 ppg
5. Warren M., Iowa State B, 28.57 ppg
6. Brad Houston, Grinnell, 25.00 ppg
7a. Mary Parker, Grinnell, 22.86 ppg
7b. Kevin Clair, Carleton, 22.86 ppg
9. Max Parrish, Carleton, 20.00 ppg
10. Daniel Howie, Oklahoma, 19.17 ppg

Medals were awarded for the top three scorers.

In addition, awards were also given for the following:

--The "King of Negs" medal was awarded to Joshua Hill for his 10 negs.
--For his 13 powers, the "Power Ranger" medal was awarded to Matt Cvijanovich.
--Finally, the "Brian Baker Spirit Trophy," which is actually a cake bowl filled with Fig Newtons, was awarded to Grinnell.

Again, thanks to those schools that attended our tournament. I would once again like to remind the attending schools to maintain question security.

For those of you that missed our tournament, don't miss Duke's "March Madness Pre-Nationals 2004" to be held on March 27, as this tournament will be using the question rounds we ran at the Truman State Invitational.

And for those that didn't make it up here to Kirksville, Missouri, be on the lookout for our next tournament in January 2005!

Chris Wang
Truman State ACO