Congratulations to Columbian Trash Lords (Mizzou A) who dominated the six-team field at the fifth annual installment of F.O.G.H.A.T., my annual trash tournament held at Rolla on October 24th. CTL went undefeated in the double round robin. This gave them a one-game lead in the best of three finals against second place Mariano Rivera's Pool Party (Wash U + Delano Barnes). CTL finished their flawless victory by winning the first and thus only finals game with a 305-280 win. All the teams are listed below in order of finish with their prize package. Yes, every team won prizes. Following that are listings of some other special prizes and individual stats. Thanks, Jeremy White

First Place: Columbian Trash Lords (Mizzou A), 10-0
The FOG Hat and The Angle Grinder Man Prize Showcase
- Angle Grinder Man article in Car and Driver
- Framed Pictures of Angle Grinder Man
- An Angle Grinder
- Safety goggles

Check out this URL to learn more about Angle Grinder Man:

Second Place: Mariano Rivera's Pool Party (Wash U & D. Barnes), 8-2
Strategy Games in Tough Environments Prize Showcase
- Jar Jar 3D Adventure Game
- Survivor CD Rom Game
- 3 copies of Curling 2: Take Out Weight

Third Place: Rolla B, 4-6
Fast and Furious Prize Showcase
- Toy cars with figures--and emphasis on figure--of female characters
from the movie - The Fast and the Furious steering wheel cover

Fourth Place: The Squirrel Society (Rolla alums), 3-7
Food Prize Showcase
- Morimoto's Spicy Asian sauce
- Hooters Road Race Game CD-Rom
- M&Ms Search for the Lost Formulas CD-Rom
- George Foreman's Interactive Guide to Grilling CD-Rom

Fifth Place: It's All Pink on the Inside (Rolla A), 3-7
NASCAR "Too Adult" Sponsor Prize Package
- 2 Rusty Wallace books with Miller logos replaced by "Rusty"
- 2 Sterling Marlin books with Coors logos replaced by "Sterling"
- A die-cast metal, hard-as-a-rock, Mark Martin figurine with the Viagra logo on it

Sixth Place: More Powerful Than Super Man, Batman, Spider Man and the Incredible Hulk Put Together (Mizzou B), 2-8
Candy lunchboxes featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters
Top Punt Returning Team: Columbian Trash Lords gave up the fewest points per bonus punted to them and thus each won a Gatorade X-Factor T-shirt in honor of X-Factor sponsor and last year's leading punt returner Dante Hall.

Buzzer Agression Award: Jason Mueller and Jared of Rolla B tied with a field-leading 9 negs. Since Jason had claimed plenty of other fine bounty, we gave the prize to Jared. To inspire him to take some time out and relax a little more before buzzing, we gave him a poster of Ricky Williams.

Title IX All-Star: Death (Lori) of Mariano Rivera's Pool Party was the only eligible player, but that didn't stop us from awarding her a Detroit Shock hat.

Individual scoring:
The tournament All-Stars (the Top 8 Scorers listed below) were awarded a cassette or CD

Individual Stats (all based on 10 rds except where noted):
1. Jason Mueller, Colubmian, 67-9, 62.5 PPG
2. Bennifer 2: The Revenge (Sean Phillips), Rivera's, 61-3, 59.5
3. Super, Rolla B, 50-1, 49.5
4. Bill Stallard, Pink, 42-7, 38.5
5. John Shaft (Delano Barnes), Rivera's, 36-2, 35.0
6. Partho (Chris Taylor), Squirrel, 34-5, 31.5
7. Jake, Powerful, 31-5, 28.5
8. Flavin, Colubian, 22-4, 20.0
9. *Jared, Pink, 17-4, 18.75
10. Uncle Beavis (Daniel Belcher), Squirrel, 17-1, 16.5
11. Adam, Columbian, 17-3, 15.5
12. Lord Squirrel (Malcolm Hays), Squirrel, 15-1, 14.5
13. Jarrod, Rolla B, 13-9, 8.5
14. (tie) Death (Lori), Rivera's, 8-1, 7.5
14. (tie) Tracy, Pink, 8-1, 7.5
16. John, Powerful, 7-3, 5.5
17. Dave, Rolla B, 6-5, 3.5
18. Corwin, 7-8, 3.0
19. Jefe, Rivera's, 3-1, 2.5

*Played 8 rounds