TOURNAMENT: Gateway Invitational Tournament
HOST: Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
DATE: November 18
FORMAT: CBI; champion determined in 8-team single-elimination playoff after divisional round- robin preliminaries
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Greg Lyon, Washington University (Mo.)

The GIT featured 20 teams, spilt into a two bracket round-robin. Games were following CBI rules, most notably two seven minute timed halves.

In addition to 19 teams from 14 schools, we had an "exhibition" team comprised of Eric Hillemann, coach of Carleton College, and Steve Kucharik, coach of Garden City Community College.

Votes were taken at the captains' meeting to decide if that team (nicknamed "Over the 'Hill'") would have its games counted in the overall standings, and to decide if they would be eligible for the playoffs. 'Yes' prevailed in both accounts, on votes of 17-2 and 11-8r respectively.

Bracket A Results

Chicago B 7-2
Iowa State A 7-2 Lost to Chicago B
UW-Madison 7-2 Lost to Chicago B, Iowa St. A
UM-Rolla A 6-3
Memphis B 5-4
Iowa State B 5-4
Georgia State 4-5
Rose State 3-6
Quincy B 1-8
Garden City A 0-9

Bracket B Results

Illinois 8-1
Chicago A 8-1 Lost to Illinois
Ove the "Hill" 7-2 Lost to Chicago A, Wash U.
Washington U 6-3 Lost to Illinois, Chicago A, Okla. Baptist
Quincy A 5-4
Memphis A 4-5
Okla. Baptist 4-5
UM-Rolla B 2-7
UM-Kansas City 1-8
Garden City B 0-9

Chicago A def. Wisconsin 400-210
Chicago B def. Washington U. 290-265
Iowa St A def. Over the "Hill" 485-135
Illinois def. UM-Rolla A

Chicago B def. Chicago A 365-315
Iowa St A def. Illinois 490-235

Iowa St A def. Chicago B, 2 games to 0