I think Scott (our captain) wanted me to post the summary of the tourney, so here goes:

The Second Annual Missouri State Championship Tournament: (subtitle: the Best Midwestern Teams You've Never Heard of, or The Teams That Would Dominate Region 11, if it Wasn't For a Certain School From Norman, OK)

5 schools were represented, 10 teams were entered:

Missouri-Rolla (4 teams)
Missouri-Columbia (2 teams)
Missouri-KC (2 teams)
Washington U.
Northeast MO St.
The format was round robin for morning rounds, with top eight teams advancing to the playoffs, which was single elimination.

Standings after round robin:

1.Missouri B
2.Rolla B
6.Missouri A
7.Rolla A(?)
8.Rolla D(?)
10.Rolla C(?)
Playoff results:

Missouri B over Rolla D(?)
WashU over NEMO

Rolla B over Rolla A(?)
UMKC A over Missouri A

Missouri B over WashU (in a nailbiter, 190-185, I believe)
Rolla B over UMKC A
Rolla B over Missouri B 390-160


I was really impressed by the level of competition: The packets were not easy by any means, and yet, there were a multiplicity of high-scoring games ( you can see for yourself, if and when more formal results are posted)

As for the state champ: LOOK OUT FOR ROLLA !!! We had a great tournament, and they simply outgunned us in the final. Mark Rooney, their leading scorer, is phenomenal, but they proved their maturity as a team today with some clutch performances by Jeremy White and Kiley (can't remember last name, sorry!). Allow me to be the first to extend some much-deserved respect.

Most frustrated team award: Wash U. Fielding only 3 men, all of their losses were by less thasn 25, including a game where, due to scoring error, they were called back into a room to play a tie break for a game they thought they had won, only to lose in OT. You guys played your hearts out, and I'm sorry it wasn't enough.