TOURNAMENT: UMKC Shootout in the Old West
HOST: University of Missouri in Kansas City, Kansas City, Misssouri
DATE: October 21
FORMAT: modified CBI; champion determined in 6-team single-elimination playoff after divisional round-robin preliminaries
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Amit Dhawan, University of Missouri in Kansas City

UMKC Shootout in the Old West Team Standings
Wyatt Earp Division
Team W L PF PA
Iowa State A 6 0 1975 540
Oklahoma A 5 1 1495 710
Wichita State 4 2 965 1015
UM-Rolla B 3 3 730 955
Hodgepodge 2 4 555 1165
UM-KC B 1 5 860 965
Garden Co CC B 0 6 160 1390

NOTE: Hodgepodge consisted of players from Wichita State, Rolla, and UMKC.

Annie Oakley Division
Team W L PF PA
Oklahoma B 6 0 1750 495
Iowa State B 4 2 790 785 (lost to OU and UMKC A)
UM-Rolla A 4 2 1205 930 (lost to OU and ISU B)
UM-KC A 3 3 680 1015(lost to OU, UMR, and ISU C)
Washington Univ 2 4 1025 890 (lost to above)
Iowa State C 2 4 725 785 (lost to all above except UMKC)
Garden Co CC A 0 6 200 1475

First Round: Oklahoma A defeated UM-Rolla A 275-130
Wichita State defeated Iowa State B 240-175
Iowa State A and Oklahoma B received byes

Semifinals: Oklahoma B defeated Wichita State 370-85
Iowa State A defeated Oklahoma A 240-235 (in OT)

Finals (best of three):Iowa State A defeated Oklahoma B 145-140, 190-115
Congrats to Iowa State A on winning their second consecutive UMKC Shootout tournament. In fact, Iowa State has not dropped a game in either of the two Shootouts!

The top ten individual scorers in the prelims were:

Name Team Division PPG
Eric B. Oklahoma B Oakley 80.00
Mark R. UM-Rolla A Oakley 53.33
Louis G. Oklahoma A Earp 51.67
R. Robert H. Iowa State A Earp 45.83
Shawn R. Hodgepodge Earp 44.00
Henry H. Wichita State Earp 42.50
Scott P. Washington Univ.Oakley 41.67 (no interrupts)
Dan B. Oklahoma A Earp 40.00
Avanti A. Iowa State C Oakley 31.67
Dan O. UMKC B Earp 28.33
Dan S. UMKC B Earp 28.33

The top four individual scorers from each division competed in the "Shootout in the Old West." The final results of the fast-paced Shootout:

1st: R. Robert H. Iowa State A
2nd: Henry H. Wichita State
3rd: Eric B. Oklahoma B