Top Bracket
1. Chicago LHR 4-1 (lost to Michigan A)
2. Illinois A 4-1 (Chicago LHR)
3. ISU Krakatoa (Hentzel) 3-2 (Illinois A, Chicago LHR)
4. Michigan A 3-2 (Illinois A, ISU Krakatoa)
5. Illinois B 1-4
6. ISU Vesuvius (Mayfield) 0-5

Chicago LHR defeats Illinois A by 10 points in playoff game 2, the first having been decided by head-to-head results in round robin play.

Teams placing 7-11 were (in no particular order): Iowa A (Trevor, Aaron, Mary, James), Iowa B (Trent), ISU St. Helen's (Chad, Avanti, Christian, Steve), Carleton A, and UM-Rolla. Illinois C finished 12th, a courageous performance since two of us were pressed into moderating.

Teams placing 13-18 were (again, I don't remember final standings): Chicago B, C, and D; Carleton B; Michigan B; and Wisconsin.

Of course, this is all unofficial until Vishnu says, "when."

I'm guessing three pools of six rebracketed into three pools of six, and that we won about half of our games. Let's call it 5-5; probably not exact, but should be close.