This year's Region 11 tournament was held at the University of Missouri - KC, and included teams from 15 schools. The tournament format was a two bracket, modified round robin. The top three teams from each bracket advanced to double elimination playoffs.

Round Robin Results:

Bracket 1

Washington U. 7 0
Oklahoma 6 1
Missouri 5 2
Central Missouri State 4 3
Truman St. 3 4
Missouri - KC 2 5
Washburn 1 6
College of the Ozarks 0 7

Each team lost to the teams finishing above it. Wash U. beat Oklahoma 300-165 in the round robin. Truman St was formerly known as NE Missouri St.

Bracket 2

UM - Rolla 6 0
Wichita State 4 2
Kansas 3 3
Kansas State 3 3
Pittsburg State 3 3
Oklahoma Baptist 2 4
NE Oklahoma A&M 0 6

Wichita St. lost to Rolla & Pittsburg St.
Kansas St. lost to Rolla, Wichita St & Kansas.
Kansas lost to Rolla, Wichita St & Okla Baptist.
Pittsburg St lost to Rolla, Kansas & Kansas St.


Wichita St. def. Missouri 225-105
Oklahoma def. Kansas 370-110

Wash U. def Wichita St. 240-115
Oklahoma def. UM-Rolla 350-55

UM-Rolla def. Missouri 340-255 (Missouri eliminated)
Wichita St. def Kansas 255-95 (Kansas eliminated)

Oklahoma def. Wash U. 265-125
UM-Rolla def. Wichita St. 255-95 (Wichita St. eliminated)

Wash U. def. UM-Rolla 230-90 (UM-Rolla eliminated)

Oklahoma def. Wash U. 260-125 (Wash U. eliminated)

Final Standings

1. Oklahoma
2. Wash U.
3. UM - Rolla
4. Wichita St.
5. Missouri
This marks the third consecutive year that Oklahoma & Wash U. have finished 1-2. It is the second consecutive year Oklahoma, Wash U, and Rolla have finished 1-2-3. It is Wash U's fourth consecutive second place finish.


Bracket 1

Eric Bell, Oklahoma
Scott Brinker, Missouri
Lance Finney, Wash U
Peter Steffen, Wash U
Bracket 2

Jeremy White, Rolla
Mark Rooney, Rolla
Jimmy, Oklahoma Baptist
Michael, Wichita St (I'm not sure on this one)

Bracket 1 All-Stars handily defeated the Bracket 2 team.
The Bracket 1 All-Stars then handily defeated a team of coaches.

Overall, the tournament was very well run, and finished on time. A very big thank you to Mary Penrod for her continuing work on the Regional level.