Well, the conclusion of the Trevortational marks my 4th attempt to organize and run an invitational and this one, I believe, concluded in the fewest _total_ hours for any tournament that we have run -- yet it provided for a rather long, but I hope, exciting day for the remarkable 24 teams that attended.

Play was all on Saturday. The 24 teams were divided up into two brackets, the "Diggstown" bracket and the "Phenomenon" bracket (both are movies that members of my family have been involved with in one way or another). Each team played 11 games of a full round-robin in their bracket and then played 2 games across brackets against similarly ranked teams (so #1 in one bracket played #'s 1 and 2 in the other bracket, etc...) and after that -- we had all teams ranked 1-24 going into a single-elimination playoffs.

The Overall Preliminary Results were:

1. 13-0 Wave Riders 3535 272 (total pts/ppg)
2. 11-2 Carleton A 3195 246
3. 11-2 Eric Hillemann 3060 235
4. 11-2 Illinois Moon.. 3045 234
5. 10-3 Minnesota Phat 3100 238
6. 10-3 BGSU A 2855 220
7. 9-4 Illinois Shirl.. 2370 182
8. 8-5 Minnesota Fly 2215 170
9. 8-5 Quincy Johnson 1910 147
10. 7-6 Wisconsin 2560 197
11. 7-6 ISU Es Muss Sein! 1700 131
12. 6-7 ISU Muss Es Sein? 2675 206
13. 6-7 Rolla 2175 167
14. 6-7 Wash U. C 2055 158
15. 5-8 Wash U. A 1865 143
16. 5-8 Carleton B 1755 135
17. 5-8 Northwestern Frank 1755 135
18. 4-9 Wash U. B 1840 142
19. 4-9 BGSU B 1595 123
20. 3-10 Northwestern Sammy 1120 86
21. 3-10 Illinois Canadian.. 1070 82
22. 2-11 Quincy Masters 755 60
23. 1-12 Illinois Glenfork 940 72
24. 1-12 BGSU C 520 40

We then pressed on into a "dynamic" single elimination playoffs where we used a "highest surviving seed" system instead of hard and fast brackets. In the HSS system, the top surviving seed would always be paired against the lowest surviving seed. In the end, it was expected that -- with three teams remaining -- #'s 1, 2 and 3 would remain and 2 & 3 would play off to advance to the one-game final against #1. However, it turned out a bit differently in the end:


There was one major upset here. Otherwise, the first round was fairly predictable.

#1 Wave Riders d. #24 BGSU C
#2 Carleton A d. #23 Illinois Glenfork
#3 Eric Hillemann d. #22 Quincy Masters
#4 Illinois Moon... d. #21 Illinois Canadian Superior
#5 Minnesota Phat d. #20 Northwestern Sammy
#6 BGSU A d. #19 BGSU B
#7 Illinois Shirl.. d. #18 Wash U. B
#17 N'Western Frank d. #8 Minnesota Fly
#9 Quincy Johnson d. #16 Carleton B
#10 Wisconsin d. #15 Wash U. A
#11 ISU Es M. Sein! d. #14 Wash U. C
#12 ISU Muss E. Sein? d. #13 Rolla


Things got very interesting from here on to the end.

#1 Wave Riders d. #17 Northwestern Frank
#12 ISU Muss E. Sein? d. #2 Carleton A
#3 Eric Hillemann d. #11 ISU Es Muss Sein!
#10 Wisconsin d. #4 Illinois Moonshine Pete's...
#5 Minnesota Phat d. #9 Quincy Johnson
#7 Illinois Shirley.. d. #6 Bowling Green State U. A


#12 ISU Muss Es Sein? d. #1 Wave Riders
#3 Eric Hillemann d. #10 Wisconsin
#5 Minnesota Phat d. #7 Illinois Shirley Temples

By virtue of the fact that Eric Hillemann was an "open" team, the highest ranking collegiate team that lost in this round of 6 -- in this case Illinois Shirley Temples -- would win the collegiate bronze. It was also a big upset for the Wave Riders team of R., Scott Coon and Carolyn Pitcher to lose to Chris Mayfield's #12 ISU team -- as they had been totally undefeated (but not unchallenged) throughout the day.

FOURTH Round of 3

Eric Hillemann, by virtue of the fact that he was the highest surviving seed, gained an automatic bye into the finals.

#5 Minnesota Phat d. #12 ISU Muss Es Sein!

With that match concluded, the Collegiate Championship placements had been confirmed:

Gold: Minnesota Phat
Dan Lee
Mike Sweeney
Steve Eiken
Kent Zeigler

Silver: ISU Muss Es Sein!
Chris Mayfield
Robert Urbatsch
Mike Toepke
Paul Thelen

Bronze: Illinois Shirley Temples
Todd Gregory
Jeremiah Thompson
Dawn Owens-Nicholson
Jeff Brook

With only the open title remaining -- the match came down to Eric Hillemann v. the entire Minnesota Phat team. Despite impressive buzzes from everyone on the Minnesota team, Eric got enough toss-ups and drew enough bonuses that played to his strengths to capture the title.

Final Ranks:
Open Coll. Team
1 - Eric Hillemann
2 1 Minnesota Phat
3 2 ISU Muss Es Sein?
4 - Wave Riders
5 3 Illinois Shirley Temples
6 4 Wisconsin
7 5 Carleton A
8 6 Illinois Moonshine Pete's Corn Whiskey
9 7 Bowling Green State University A
10 - Quincy Johnson
11 8 ISU Es Muss Sein!
12 9 Northwestern Frank
13 - Minnesota Fly
14 10 Rolla
15 - Wash U. C
16 11 Wash U. A
17 12 Carleton B
18 13 Wash U. B
19 14 Bowling Green B
20 15 Northwestern Sammy
21 16 Illinois Canadian Superior
22 17 Quincy Masters
23 18 Illinois Glenfork
24 19 Bowling Green State U. C

Individual Medalists


Gold: Eric Hillemann 141 16 102.3
Silver: R. Robert Hentzel (WR) 118 26 80.8

The next highest open player finished well out of the top 10.


Gold: Steve Watchorn (UW) 95 15 67.3
Silver: Subash Maddipoti (QU) 77 16 53.1
Bronze: Chris Mayfield (ISU) 75 12 53.1
Bronze: Emily Pike (CC) 65 4 48.5
Bronze: Steve Jenkins (CC) 58 15 38.8

Subash won the silver because Chris already had one from the team event. :) That and more toss-ups being the tie-breaker when we don't have enough of the same-colored medals to award a tie properly.

Some Comments:

This tournament seemed a lot like the 1998 CBI Regionals. Most of the toss-ups were easily gettable and the best players were able to successfully interrupt many of them.

However, looking at the average ppg's for the various teams, it was really tough for many teams to convert bonus points. There was enough trash to deny bonus points to teams like Wave Riders and Hillemann while some of the humanities that I wrote about (like certain poems and works of literature) were new to the canon and stumped lots of teams. I also got the comment that the tournament was "myth" happy and there certainly was a lot of myth and a team not well-versed in myth missed a fair number of points too.

Also -- each packet only had 24 toss-ups. Most moderators got through them all in the 18-minutes of play time. So -- with more toss-ups there might have been more scores over 300 and 400.

Also -- I saw a ton of new faces in this field. Everyone in the field got at least one toss-up and 2/3 of the players averaged 10 ppg or more, so the toss-ups were definitely accessible but the boni really separated the field.

I would like to thank all teams for being so considerate and patient during any delays and to thank everyone for showing up! It does appear that the Midwest was a little starved for tournament action and having 24 teams here meant a full 8 teams more than we had ever handled before. I'm so grateful for all the help of the following moderators: Nichol Vogeler, Matt Larson, Mary Moran, Aaron Twait, Andrea Tawil, Angie Lyon, Mike Ose, Wade Pfau, James Erwin and especially to Jason Remy (now of UIC, formerly of Delaware) and his girlfriend Jen who drove 4 hours to help out. Also to Mitch Watnik of Rolla for moderating (as you can imagine, it's tough to get 12 moderators!)

More thanks to rotating utility person Andrea Tawil for running some crucial errands during the tournament, to Nichol Vogeler who displayed some excellent Assistant Tournament Director skills, at one point just taking charge of the troops when I was lost in sleep-deprived thought and also to Robert Trent, who spent the bulk of the tournament running crucial stats for what could have been an unwieldy number of teams!

Thanks again to everyone who made this perhaps our smoothest tournament yet (despite the length).

-Trevor Schultz

Director of:

1996 Last Minute Bowl
1997 Hawks in Exile
1998 This Tournament Goes To 11
1998 Trevortational