The Gateway Invitational Tournament 6: The Kool-Aid Man Cometh has been completed. Congratulations are in order for the University of Illinois, which took the both second and first place. In the consolation round, Iowa Itchy Otto Wiggum Apu f/ Disco Stu defeated the one man team of Wisconsin No Name to take 3rd place.

AFTER 11 Rounds (Combined Brackets)
Illinois Trilateral Commission 10-1
Illinois Andy Wang's Date 10-1
Rhodes Rushmore Debate Team 8-3
Iowa Itchy Otto Wiggum Apu f/ Disco Stu 7-4
Wichita State University 7-4
Wisconsin Team With No Name, Mizzou A, and Illinois Yeti, all 6-5
Bowling Green Falcon Feeding Frenzy and Wisconsin Curiously Strong, 5-6
UMKC,UM-Rolla, and Mizzou B, 4-7
Illinois Leprechaun, 3-8
OBU 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2-9
Wash U Kreplakistani Warhead, 1-10

Playoff Results:
1. Illinois Trilateral Commission
2. Illinois Andy Wang's Date
3. Iowa Itchy Otto Wiggum Apu f/ Disco Stu
4. Wisconsin Team With No Name

Individual Statistics:
Steve, Wisconsin No Name, 103.64; Steve, Rhodes, 80.45; Brian, Bowling Green, 60.91; Subash, Illinois Trilateral Commission, 55.91; Henry, Wichita St., 55.45.