The University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC) hosted the midwest TRASH regionals on 11.6.99. The University of Iowa won the tourney and were crowned midwest TRASH champs. The full results of the tourney:

After the prelim round robin, the W-L and modified CBA (3 points for a win, 1 point for a period win, 0.5 points for a period tie) standings were:

Team CBA Points (60 max) W-L
Iowa 56 10-0
Minnesota A 47 8-2 (lost to Iowa, UM-Rolla)
Super Globetrotters 43 7-3 (Iowa, Minnesota A, Minnesota B)
Minnesota C 35.5 6-4 (lost to above and Minnesota C)
Silicon Rage 32.5 5-5 (lost to above and Wichita State A)
Minnesota B 32.5 5-5 (lost to Iowa, Silicon Rage, Wichita State A, Independence CC, and Minnesota A)
Wichita State A 30 6-4
UM-Rolla 22.5 4-6
Wichita State B 12.5 2-8
Independence CC 12.5 2-8
Cloud County CC 6 1-9
The top six teams then advanced to a single elimination playoff. The higher seats in the quarterfinals and semifinals received a 3 point advantage.

Super Globetrotters d. Minnesota B
Silicon Rage d. Minnesota C 5-4 (125-75)

Super Globetrotters d. Minnesota A 5-4 (315-100)
Iowa d. Silicon Rage 9-0 (345-120)

The finals were a best of three, first team to 10 points format:
Game 1: Iowa d. Super Globetrotters 4-2 (210-200)
Game 2: Super Globetrotters d. Iowa 4.5-1.5 (200-180)
Game 3: Iowa d. Super Globetrotters 5-1 (285-136)

Congratulations to Iowa on winning the tourney!

The top 10 individuals players in the prelims were:

Dave Minnesota C 58.50 PPG
Ben Super Globetrotters 57.00
Matt Iowa 42.00
Dan Minnesota A 36.00
Kubi Silicon Rage 33.50
Mike Iowa 29.50
Henry Wichita State A 28.75
Jeremy Minnesota B 27.78
Kent Minnesota A 27.00
Scott Minnesota B 26.67