What is Quizbowl?

Often called "The Varsity Sport of the Mind", Quizbowl offers students from colleges and universities the opportunity to compete against each other in an academic sport not unlike the game show Jeopardy! Students face off in categories including science, sports, history, pop culture, current events, literature, the arts, geography, mythology, religion and other topics as well.

The game consists of either timed or untimed halves of toss-up questions, each followed by a bonus question. If a player buzzes in on a toss-up and gives the correct answer, his team receives 10 points, or 15 for a very early buzz in NAQT tournaments. The team is then entitled to a 30 point bonus question, on which the players may collaborate. A player can buzz in at any time during the question, but if he gives the wrong answer before the question is complete, his team loses 5 points, and the toss-up is given in its entirety to the other team for a chance to get the bonus. Quizbowl is a fast-paced, exciting game that requires both knowledge and speed.

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