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Prospective Students

I am looking for highly-motivated graduate students who are interested conducting research in networks and systems. First, I suggest you to have a look at my research and publication pages.

Ideal Set of Skills

The ideal technical skills you should have are:

The ideal soft skills you should have are:


There are few things to consider:

Important note: I will not respond to solicitation e-mails unless it shows that you have done your work by reading the information found on my websites or have questions about my research.

If you are a student enrolled at MST, I would be happy to talk with you even if you decide to pursue to work with another faculty or another area. E-mail me or stop by my office, 132 EECH. Good luck!


Important note: If you are planning to apply as a graduate student to ECE Department, I suggest you look at the ECE Graduate Handbook and ECE Admission Requirements pages. I am happy to talk with you if you have completed all the requirements and have similar research interests as mine.

Current and Past Students

Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Member

Thesis M.S. Students

Non-Thesis M.S. Students

M.S. Thesis Committee Member

Undergraduate Research Students


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