Honored to serve as the 2013-2014 President of the American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM).
Recieving the ASQ Feigenbaum Medal from Dr. Feigenbaum in 2008.
Honored to have worked with Dr. Genichi Taguchi.
Receiving ASQ Fellow Award from Stephen Hacker in 2013.
Receiving the IISE Fellow Award in 2018.
With John Shook and Mikel Harry giving a guest lecture at Stanford for the Carnegie Foundation in 2014.
Being presented with the Feigenbaum Medal from Dr. Rajesh Jugulum in 2008.
With Dr. Kano and Dr. Akao in 2010.
Fortunate that my research and work has allowed me to travel to amazing places like the Great Wall in 2016.
With Dr. Genichi Taguchi and Shin Taguchi in 2004.
Receiving the 2018 ASQ Crosby Medal from ASQ President Elmer Corbin.
Had the pleasure of serving as the 2017 IISE Program Chair with Katie Coperich and Dr. Harriet Nembhard.
Induction into the International Academy for Quality with IAQ President Greg Watson in 2010.
Honored to have dinner with Dr. Noriako Kano, his wife, and Kristin Case in Tokyo.
Invited to deliver a keynote for the Chinese Academy of Engineering by Dr. Jishan He.
Delivering a keynote speech in China.
Receiving the 2017 Kondo Research Prize from Dr. Pal Molnar, IAQ President, and Dr. Janak Mehta, IAQ Chair.
Presented with the Waldo A. Vezeau Award by the St. Louis section of ASQ for technical achievement in the field of quality.
Receiving a Teaching Commendation Award from Chancellor Schrader.
Named an ASEM Fellow in 2014.