About Our Team

The Missouri S&T Formula SAE Electric design team's purpose is to design and build an electric racecar in order to race it in competitions. In order to achieve this goal, the first step is research. We strive to better understand electric vehicles, learning about and implementing new technology as the automotive industry evolves. Our many members are in different groups who each have their own focus, but all work together in order to produce the car. Every member gets hands-on experience they would not get in the classroom designing and building something as involved as a car, having to meet deadlines, and having to collaborate with people from different disciplines in order to reach a common goal. Our team is dedicated to building an electric racecar from the ground up and competing with it.

History of the Team

In February 2012, two undergraduate students wanting to better understand electric vehicles and how to implement new technologies and techniques in a successful manner founded Formula Electric. In three months, the team grew to thirty people with the help of our founding advisors, Dr. Kevin Martin and Dr. John Sheffield. Their experience and success with the Missouri S&T EcoCAR Team helped the team mature into a team capable of being recognized by the university.

The Competition

We are planning to compete in the electric portion of the Formula SAE competition in Lincoln, Nebraska next year. The competition's website can be found here.