We are looking for Ph.D Students, Postdoc Fellows and Visiting Scholars in Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Optical Metamaterials, Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Optics.


Ph.D students (Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 enrollment)


We are looking for highly motivatedPh.D. candidates with coursework or research background in any of the following areas: electromagnetics, optics, photonics, nanofabrication,plasmonics, solid-state physics, semiconductor devices, lasers, optical materials, nonlinear optics and quantum optics .

Candidates with various backgrounds in physics, applied physics, optical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or materials science are strongly encouraged to apply.Applicants should send their full curriculum vitae and transcripts via email to Prof. Jie Gao (


Openings: Postdoc fellows and Visiting scholars


We are looking for postdoc fellows or visiting scholars who have strong optical experiment background (experience with micro/nano optical device characterization, visible/NIR optical setup, spectroscopy, or nonlinear optics is preferred), or strong theoretical/simulation background in electromagnetics, photonics, solid-state physics and quantum optics. Our interdisciplinary research investigates light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, which will advance many exciting applications in optical energy harvesting, optical sensing, nonlinear beam shaping, chip-scale light sources and quantum information processing.

Applicants should send their full curriculum vitae, research statement and contact information for three references via email to Prof. Jie Gao (