Please allow the display to proceedthrough step 10 one time
before re-starting or refreshing.
Otherwise, the animation mayhang up.

Suggested Approach:

1.  List the elements that appear in the reaction.
2.  Assign the lowest priority to any elementthat appears in a pure state.
3.  Assign the next lowest priority to any elementthat appears in two different
     compounds on the same sideof the reaction.
4.  Select the most complex compound containinghighest priority elements
     (usually this is the compoundwith the highest numbers).
5.  Put a one (1) or some other convenient numberbefore the most complex
6.  Balance the elements, one at a time, workingfrom highest priority down.
7.  Some instructors will want you to removeany fractions by multiplying ALL
     of the coefficients by theappropriate number.
8.  Check that EACH element is correctly balanced.