How to Use This Program
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How you use this program depends mainly on what you want out of it.  Very few people are interested in doing the work required to be able to read at thousands of words per minute.  Most people read below 400 words per minute, and would like to read a bit faster - maybe twice their present speed - without sacrificing (and possibly improving) comprehension.

We don't always read at the same speed, but adjust our speed to the nature of the material and to the reason that we are reading it.  Obviously, we won't read a study assignment at the same rate that we read the newspaper.  Familiarity with the subject matter and the terminology is a huge factor.  Few of us read in a foreign language (some study assignments are like that) at the same speed as in our native language.

If you want to give this a serious try, plan on devoting 30 - 45 minutes a day (preferably at the same time each day) for a couple of weeks (OK, you can have weekends off.)

Before Starting - Take one of the Reading Tests on the Internet and note your speed.

First Week:
    a. 10-15 minutes of Number/Letter Recognition and Name Recognition.
    b. 10-15 minutes of Reading and Retention, Levels I and II.
    c. 10-15 minutes of Reading for Speed.

Take the same or a different Reading Test and see how much you've improved.

Second Week:
    a. Try to diagnose your problem areas, and the exercises that attack these.
    b. Spend at least half of your time on Reading for Speed.
    c. Try to apply these principles to ALL of your reading.

Take a different Reading Test, but not for your final grade.  You can give yourself a final grade about five years from now.

Let me know how you did