This will create a graph of data points, including a legend and the regression coefficients (slope and intercept) for a straight line.  Print the page by slecting "print" under "File" in the browser's menubar.

Click on "select graph type".

Up to 4 lines may be graphed as:

1. PV vs V (constant T)

2. V vs t (constant P)

3. P vs t (constant V)

To create a graph, the data table must show 3 successive points at the same T, P or V.

It is not necessary to pre-select the data set for the graph.  The program will search the data shown in the table and will plot the first four sets meeting the selected criterion.

Data may be excluded by using the mouse to edit the data table before clicking on "graph data".

To restore the complete set of data, click on "close" beneath the data table, then on "Show Data".