Basic Math Skills:    Self-Test/Tutor

This program is designed foryou to determine whether your Mathematical Skills are adequate for GeneralChemistry at UMR.  If you should find that your skills are rusty orotherwise inadequate, the program can be used as a tutorial to overcomethis problem on your own.  These skills are necessary in any Technicalcourse.  While speed is not a major factor in assessing your ability,it will impact your ability to process and retain information that youreceive in a classroom lecture or in reading a text.

The program has a Practice Modeand a Timed Mode.  Work with the Practice Mode until you are consistentlyscoring 90% or better without a calculator, and preferably without writinganything down.

If you cannot score 90% or betterin Practice Mode, you are not likely to pass Chem 1.

If you cannot work these in yourhead, you need to speed up your Arithmetic Skills with a program such asMathT's.

A student with adequate MathematicalSkills for starting Chem 1 should be able to consistently score 90% orbetter on the Timed Test in less than 120 seconds.

AlgebraTutor I

AlgebraTutor II


Other Self-Test/Tutorials onMath Skills - You will need to master this material early in the semester:



Workingwith Significant Figures and Scientific Notation

Prefixesand Multipliers

Estimated Calculations: Level1    Level2

AlgebraTutor II