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University of Missouri-Rolla

School of Mines and Metallurgy

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders
in the Geological Sciences

Jay Mason Gregg

Gulf Oil Foundation Professor
and Chair
Department of Geology & Geophysics

Research Interests In: Sedimentary Petrology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Geochemistry

Ph.D., 1982, Geology, Michigan State University

M.S., 1976, Geology, Oklahoma State University

B.S., 1974, Geology & Biology, Bowling Green State University

Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, MO 65409-0410
Office: 125 McNutt Hall
Phone: (573) 364-8254
Fax: (573) 341-6935

About Dr. Gregg

I have had rather wide industry experience, including more than two years working in the oil industry in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico, five years in the minerals industry working on sediment hosted ore deposits all over the world, and one year working in the national high level nuclear waste repository program.

Upon joining the faculty at University of Missouri-Rolla in August, 1988, I established a research program involving sedimentary petrology and geochemistry with major emphasis on carbonate rocks. My interests involve problems concerning the origin of carbonate textures, crustal fluid flow, regional diagenesis and basin evolution, the origin and evolution of carbonate petroleum reservoirs, the origin and distribution of Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) ore deposits, groundwater flow through karsted carbonate rocks, and most recently, fluvial sedimentology. I have more than fifty professional publications in these fields.

I have been married to Mickey (Prudot) Gregg since 1977 (we met while I was working in the oil business in Midland, Texas). She is a CPA and Comptroller for Boys & Girls Town of Missouri, located in St. James, Missouri. We have 3 children who we are very proud of: Jay William who is a senior at Rolla High School, an Eagle Scout, a member of Order of the Arrow, a computer nerd, and plays a great jazz trumpet; Nicholas Mason who is a junior majoring in Geology & Geophysics at UMR and is married to Erin Sigman (they have a one year old baby son named Mason Scott Gregg); and Patricia Michelle Marie who graduated from UMR last year, summa cum laude, with a major in Geology & Geophysics (Geophysics Option). Tricia recently made a cruise as a scientific officer aboard the "Atlantis" which is an oceanographic ship out of Woods Hole. She is interested in doing graduate work in marine geophysics.

Professional Affiliations

Recent Activities

In May and June, 1998 I spent four and a half weeks at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. While there I taught the fourth year honours class in the Geology. I currently am involved in a project with M.S. student William Baugaard, from Cape Town, working on the Paleoproterozoic age, carbonate hosted zinc deposite at Bushy Park in the Northern Cape Province. This project is partially supported by The Doe Run Company of St. Louis and the Society of Economic Geologists. There is the possibility of further visits to South Africa for both research and teaching purposes that I currently am exploring.

During the 1995-1996 academic year I was awarded a scholarship by the J. William Fulbright Board and the United States Information Agency (administered by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars) for lecturing and research at University College Dublin, Ireland. While there, I began work on the Carboniferous age carbonate hosted base metal deposits of the Irish Midlands. This research also involves Drs. Ian D. Somerville and Peter Strogen, both of the Department of Geology, University College Dublin and Dr. Kevin L. Shelton of the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia.

In May, 1998, Dr. Shelton and I were awarded a grant by the International Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue field work in Ireland for three years (through May, 2001). We also have received additional funding from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund (Sept., 2000 through Aug., 2002), and the National Science Foundation (Sept., 2001 through Aug. 2003) to continue this work . The research also has been supported by a grant from the Irish government to Dr. Sommerville. Additionally, we have been receiving material and financial support from the Irish mining industry. A further proposal to support this research has been submitted, by Dr. Somerville, to the irish Government.

Would you like to do graduate research in Ireland?

I currently am looking for graduate students at both the M.S. and Ph.D level. Our department has a very generous support package for graduate studies!

My students and I are involved in a number of projects including:

In addition to the above named students, I also am working closely with Aaron Johnson, Ph.D. student at University of Missouri-Columbia and Wayne Wright, who just completed his Ph.D. at University College Dublin, and is now preparing to publish the results of his study while living and working in Wales. Both are involved in research on fluid flow and regional mineralization of the Lower Carboniferous of Ireland. Wayne Wright completed his M.S. in Geology here at UMR in 1997, prior to begining Ph.D. research in Dublin.

Sedimentary geology research group as of spring, 2000. From left to right: Robert Dillon, Zsolt Nagy, Jeff Spooner, Jay Gregg, William Baugaard, Frank Furman, and Brandon Overstreet.

Students interested in graduate study (M.S. or Ph.D. level) with Dr. Gregg should contact him at the above address or by E-mail:


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