Photographic Gallery of Carbonate Petrology

Jay M. Gregg
Department of Geology & Geophysics
University of Missouri-Rolla

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This site contains photomicrographs of limestones and dolomites along with brief descriptions for each sample and other documentation. Please feel free to download any of the images that you like and contact me with any comments or suggestions that you have.

The limestones are largely from the collection that I use in my graduate course in Carbonate Petrology (Geology 432) here at University of Missouri-Rolla and illustrate a number of features important in carbonate rocks. The samples from Ireland are part of the collection currently being used by several of my colleagues and students in our research on the geology of the Emerald Isle. The dolomites are from a number of projects that I have worked on over the years and from the dolomite short course that Duncan Sibley and I have put together. In the future, possibly late spring or summer of 2001, I hope to add a photographic gallery illustrating carbonate buildups and depositional features of all geological ages (or at least those with which I have some experience).

I would like to thank Jim Kaufmann, a graduate student in the Department of Geology & Geophysics, for creating the lay-out of these pages and for producing the thumbnails and JPEG images on these pages from my original high resolution scans.

Finally, if you find that I made any mistakes in spelling or in my description or interpretation of any of the features in the photomicrographs, please let me know as gently as possible (i.e. an e-mail reading "hay Jay, ya stupid git, you have such-and-such and so-and-so completely wrong..." will suffice nicely).

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