Current Research Directions/News

  • We have completed construction on two instruments: a CP-FTMW and a FTMW instrument. Keep up with our latest research here.
  • The Mars Rover Design Team is working on the design and construction of a low-cost Raman for a rover and Physical Chemistry laboratory.
  • We are accepting graduate students! Please click the picture to apply! Openings vary depending on timing Please contact Asst. Prof. Grubbs before you apply for more information.
  • We enjoyed the visit of Prof. Galen Sedo of the University of Virginia-Wise during his sabbatical in our lab, Fall 2016! He is a recent addition to the Midwest Microwave Consortium!
  • Dr. Lindsay ZackWe look forward to Prof. Lindsay Zack and her students of Austin College visiting us in July 2017! Her group also recently joined the Midwest Microwave Consortium!
  • Image result for gamil guirgis photoWe want to welcome Prof. Gamil Guirgis from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, to our lab. He visits Fall 2017! He has also decided to join the Midwest Microwave Consortium!

Recent University and Professional Service Activities

  • Missouri S&T Summer Research Academy

    This summer the group hosted two rising high school seniors from the Summer Research Academy at MS&T. The students worked on finishing our FTMW and CP-FTMW experiments. They presented their work at the end-of-term poster presentation put on by the SRA. If you are a high school student and interested in this opportunity with our research, please contact the SRA directly and request to be with Asst. Prof. Grubbs.

  • Microwave Spectroscopy Information Letter

    In the summer of 2017 (after issue LX), Prof. Grubbs took over editorship of the Microwave Spectroscopy Information Letter, known colloquially as the Microwave Newsletter, after 17 years under Bob Bohn. This is the premier document for up-to-date information in all microwave laboratories. You can read about the history of the Newsletter here.

    Currently there are 52 contributing laboratories. If you are a microwave laboratory that does not currently receive the newsletter, please contact us via e-mail at In order to receive the Newsletter, you will need to contribute. In addition, please contact Zbigniew Kisiel to get on his list of microwave laboratories found here.


  • Midwestern Microwave Spectroscopy Consortium

    Outside of the collaborations mentioned above, the Microwave Spectroscopy Group at Missouri S&T is a member of an ongoing collaboration of multiple microwave spectroscopists. This collaboration allows sharing of ideas and resources between universities to help in progressing research endeavors and student education.


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