About Us

Missouri S&T's History Club has six main goals:

to promote the study and understanding of
history and its relevance to man in today's world

to bring together people interested in the
study of history

to encourage communication between the
members of the club and professional historians

to bring members of the club in contact with 
recent historical interpretation

to promote student awareness of employment
opportunities related to the field of history

to inform students of educational opportunities
for those interested in graduate degrees

Anyone can be a member of the Club, not just History Majors! We
strive to make history fun and exciting and applicable to everyone!
We sponsor lectures, trips, exhibitions, history projects, and many
programs designed to promote the study of history.

The History Club provides great opportunities for leadership,
interaction with professors, fun, education, campus and community
involvement, as well as personal and professional development.We
are currently working to expand the History Department at MST,
as well as course offerings!


A downloadable version can be found here.