Pledge Information

Obligations of Pledgeship

As a prospective initiate of Eta Kappa Nu, it is essential that you fulfill the following criteria:

Pledges must attend an interview scheduled during the week of February 12th, or by appointment, in the HKN Student Projects Lab.

You must make a plaque by the beginning of pledge week (April 16th-April 20th) to the specifications required.

Pledges must sell at least two (2) banquet tickets.

All pledges must complete a workday project. These dates are to be determined.

During pledge week (April 16th-April 20th), all pledges will wear a nametag.

Pledges must attend plaque signing on April 17th.

Pledges must attend all of the general meetings.

The preamble to the Eta Kappa Nu National Constitution must be known.

A test over the basics of electrical and computer engineering (EE2100,EE2120, CpE2210) and a test over the local bylaws, national constitution, and additional chapter information must be passed satisfactorily.

Pledges must be present at the HKN Banquet on April 21st.

Pledge Awards

Two awards will be presented at the initiation banquet:

Best Pledge is determined by scores on the by-laws quiz, the EE/CpE quiz, the plaque, participation in non-required HKN activities, and general attitude and performance.

Plaques are judged on conformity to specifications, neatness and number of signatures.


The pledge fee is $95.00, which consists of:

This is a one-time fee.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Vice President or the Pledge Chairperson of the Gamma Theta Chapter