Student Projects Lab

The Student Projects Lab is an environment open to all students providing the equipment, tools, and parts necessary to design, build, and test any project requiring electricity. Electrical and Computer Engineering students can benefit from this resource where class labs can be finished, new hobbies can be started, and senior design projects can be completed.


The membership of the Student Projects Lab shall consist of all active chapter members and any other Missouri S&T student who has paid the dues for the current semester or year, and has agreed to abide by the posted rules which are based on the chapter by-laws.

Membership is by application, and the cost of membership for non-HKN members is $10 per semester or $15 per academic year. Design teams of two or more members may purchase a membership for an academic year for $20.

The Committee Chair shall have the power to revoke membership to the lab for not respecting the posted rules of the Lab.

If you are interested in using this facility, please talk to the Student Projects Lab Committee Chair to get an application.

Lab Rules

  1. Safety First! Wear eye protection when soldering, drilling, spraying, etc.
  2. The lab is for Students Project Lab members only, as described in the paragraph above.
  3. Keep the lab clean and in order. Turn of all bench power before leaving the lab. Benches must be cleared before leaving the lab.
  4. All paying design teams are allotted one shelf for storage. The Administrator may designate more room at his discretion.
  5. Projects and other personal property must be removed from the lab at the end of each semester. This will allow reorganization of the lab and reduce inherited clutter. Anything left in the lab after 4pm on the last day of finals is considered to be property of HKN.
  6. The lab door must be locked when the lab is unoccupied.
  7. No equipment may be removed from the lab without the permission of the Student Projects Lab Committee Chair.
  8. All parts usage is chargeable. Payment for parts is required immediately upon use. Mark the Parts Usage List whenever parts are used. Notify the Committee Chair of low stock or new parts orders.
  9. Notify the Committee Chair of equipment problems, etc.
  10. Be courteous to others using the lab by keeping the noise in the lab to a reasonable level.

Changes to these Rules will be posted by the Student Projects Lab Committee Chair.

Updated 2009-04-21