Serhat Hosder, PhD

Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Missouri University of Science & Technology

Rolla, Missouri, 65409

Office: 290B Toomey Hall

Aerospace Simulations Laboratory: 258A Toomey Hall

phone: (573) 3417239 fax: (573) 3414607



Research Interests:

Aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, hypersonic flows and technologies, uncertainty quantification, computational fluid dynamics, planetary entry/descent/landing of spacecraft, aerodynamic shape optimization, robust design, numerical methods.

Please note that only official email account owned and used by Prof. Hosder is All other email accounts which are created under his name do not belong to him. If you receive an email from such an account please disregard it and report to Prof. Hosder immediately.