IK History
Knights of the Hook

   The Knights of the Hook, a local men's honorary service group at the 
University of Washington, had formed in 1919 for the purpose of serving 
the university and promoting its traditions.  The name "Knights of the 
Hook" was chosen with great care and deliberation, being selected because 
of the similarity between the duties of the members and the duties of the 
knights of old.
   By 1922, the Knights had developed a strong organization and were working 
hard to promote a union with service groups of other schools.  On April 
12, 1922, the Intercollegiate Knights National Organization became a 
reality.  It was on this day that the final sanction was given by the 
university, and the Intercollegiate Knights were incorporated under the 
laws of the state of Washington.  Red and white were chosen as the colors.
   The next step was to establish the Intercollegiate Knights at other 
universities and colleges.  Lester Foran was appointed head of the 
expansion committee.  His work in behalf of the Intercollegiate Knights 
was outstanding.  He contacted schools in the Northwest which had service 
organizations that were similar to that existing at the University of 
Washington and impressed upon them the advantages of a national 
organization.  Because of the work and dedication of the expansion 
committee, five chapters were installed.  The charter chapters were:  The 
Hook Chapter--Univ. of Washington; The Fang Chapter--Montana Chapter; The 
Bear Paw Chapter--Univ. of Montana; The Cougar Guard--Washington State; 
The Ball and Chain Chapter--Univ. of Idaho; and the Oregon Knights 
Chapter--Univ. of Oregon.
   The first national convention of the Intercollegiate Knights was held on 
the Washington State College Campus in 1924 under the sponsorship of the 
Cougar Guard Chapter.
   The twenty period from 1925 to 1945 brought about many new developments 
in the organization.  From 1932 to 1942 many new chapters applied and 
were admitted to the organization.  Of great importance in this period 
was the upswing of interest in the Intercollegiate Knights and the growth 
of the organizations influence on many college campuses.
   The Intercollegiate Knights practically disbanded during WWII when many 
left to serve with the Armed Forces.  Only the chapters located at the 
Univ. of Idaho, the Univ. of Utah, and Idaho State Univ. continued to 
operate, and these had very limited activities.  With the resumptoin of 
peaceful education after the war, a loyal nucleus of members returned to 
activate the many chapters and the National Organization was 
reestablished in a short time.
   By 1959, there were thirty active chapters in the National Organization, 
but eventually dissatisfaction and internal difficulties with the 
National Organization reduced the number to sixteen active chapters by 1978.

Founding of IK of Missouri

   IK of Missouri was founded March 11, 1990 when the national fraternity 
grew too weak to sustain itself.  The UMR chapter was one of the only 
chapters to maintain support as the organization began to crumble.  
Finally in the winter semester of 1989, it was decided that some action 
must be taken.
   Our chapter was founded by two individuals who we now honor for their 
efforts in the incorporation of IK of Missouri.  These two people were 
Ted Ferkenhoff and Doug Haney.  Ferkenhoff was the Honorable Duke and 
Haney was the Worthy Earl at that time.  Their efforts to salvage what 
was left of the Intercollegiate Knights and to carry on the ideals of 
knighthood went well beyond the call of duty.  Together they created our 
Ritual and Constitution and gave new directions to Intercollegiate Knights 
for years to come.
   Today we boast one of the largest service organizations on campus without 
the burden of a national organization peering over our shoulders and 
directing our actions.