IK Membership Requirements
The following membership requirements have been enforced since January of 
1993 and will continue to be followed this semester

All Active Members of IK shall participate in the semester 
fundraising project as well as completing one of the scheduled service 
projects per semester.  Exact times and dates of the projects will be 
announced at following meetings.  Sign-ups will be held at the meeting 
preceding each service project.

Pages of IK shall complete one service project along with the 
actives and 5 additional service hours.  The additional service hours can 
be earned in the following manner:

- One hour for completing the pledge plaque,
- One half-hour for cleaning up after an IK Social,
- One hour for Sober Driving at an IK Social,
- Additional hours working at IK group service projects or assisting the 
  officers with work associated with IK.

Special arrangements may be made with the 1st Vice President only if it 
is absolutely impossible to make any of the scheduled projects.  Any 
questions pertaining to the number of hours earned should be addressed to 
the 1st Vice President also.

Dues must be paid before the first social of the semester in order to be 
allowed to participate in socials.  Dues consist of $14 for Actives and 
$16 for Pages per semester.