Frequently Asked Questions:

What intramural sports are offered?

Major sports

Minor team sports

Individual/dual tournaments

Special Events



When are sports offered?

Our events are played during the Fall and Spring semester. The intramural website has an intramural calendar link that gives dates for events and when entries are due.  League sports are typically played on Sunday (5 pm to 10 pm) and Mondays to Thursdays (6 pm to 10 pm). The exception is Softball which is played only on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. Playoff games and Volleyball games may be played until later.  Non-major sports are typically played  Friday night  to Saturday with the exception being Ultimate Frisbee which is played Thursday to Sunday. Non-Major Sports may be played on Sunday if they aren’t finished on Saturday night.


How do I sign up Intramural Sports?

All registration is done online at our page ( All participants must create an imleagues account and join their respective teams to participate in intramural sports. There is a link for instructions on the intramural website.


How must does it cost to participate in intramural sports?

The organizations will have the following options:

Option A:

$30/semester dues


Option B:

$15/ major sports

$10/ minor team sports

$5/ individual/dual tournaments


Who can participate?

Section 1 - All students, faculty, and staff of Missouri S&T are eligible to enter any activity promoted by the Intramural Department.
In order to compete in competitive intramural sports, a student must be enrolled in at least 1 hour at Missouri S&T. Students on cooperative programs must be enrolled at Missouri S&T as a student to be eligible.
Section 2 - Students who are receiving financial assistance from Intercollegiate Athletics shall be eligible for intramural sports except that:
a. They shall be ineligible for the sport in which the assistance is given.
b. They shall be ineligible in any sport in which they are currently practicing and/or competing.
Section 3 - Those that are not eligible to participate in intramural competition are listed as follows:
a. A letterman from any college or university will be ineligible to participate in that sport or associate sport for one full academic year after the academic year of participation. (Example: If you letter in a sport during the 2006-07 academic year, you can not participate in that sport during the 2007-08 academic year, you would be eligble to participate in the 2008-09 academic year.)
b. Transfer students who have obtained a varsity award from a four-year college shall come under the same ruling as stated in Section 3a.
c. Anyone who came to Missouri S&T on an athletic scholarship to compete in a particular sport will not be eligible for competitive intramural sports in the sport or sports in which they received a scholarship as long as the individual is practicing and/or competing in that sport.
d. Players practicing or having practiced with the Missouri S&T varsity team is ineligible to compete in that sport or associate sport during that academic school year.
Section 4 - A scholarship shall be defined as any aid, assistance or special benefit given to students for their participation as a player in a varsity sport.
Section 5 - Anyone who is or has been engaged in professional or semi-professional sports is also ineligible for that sport or associate sports.
Section 6 - Current or former varsity athletes, who lettered in an individual/dual sport shall be ineligible for that activity. This includes tennis, cross country, track and field, swimming, and golf. Also, if you lettered in cross country you cannot run the 800 or anything above in track and fieldIf you ran the 800 or above in track and field and lettered, you cannot participate in cross country.
Section 7 - No more than two (2) members of a Sport Club team may play for a team in that sport or associate sport. If you practice with the team then you are considered part of the club.
Section 8 - A player may NOT play on more than one team or organization in each sport (no transfers to other teams, except from "B" Teams in the independent league). All teams playing an ineligible player shall forfeit any future games in which that player participates. This player shall become ineligible for the remaining games for that sport and any further penalties that may be deemed necessary by the Intramural Director.
Section 9 - Any student playing under an assumed name is subject to barring from all intramural activities for the year and that organization shall forfeit all games in which he/she participated. In the case of round robin sports, team sports or individual sports, no points will be awarded.
Section 10 - ANY violation of an eligibility rule will result in the forfeit of ALL games in which the player participates.
Section 11 The Intramural Department does not assume the responsibility for checking the eligibility of the participants. Intramural managers are responsible for establishment of the eligibility of the players on the roster. However, if ineligible players are reported to the Intramural Director, appropriate action will be taken.