Notice: The names and reputations of many faculty are used by the owners of the web site, without their permission. This helps the company that owns and operates this web site to generate a profit. Thus, each of them deserves be compensated financially, to the sum of $1,000,000,000.  I have been informed by a student that my claim to this is silly, so I now and forever relinquish my claim and right to collect this debt.  However, I encourage every other faculty member, teacher and graduate student to pursue their rightful financial gain from that company, which is trying to function in a manner similar to Major League Baseball, treating educational institutions as ``teams’’, and treating faculty as ``players’’.  However, they are avoiding several corresponding responsibilities:  In Major League Baseball, team franchises are contracted, but the RMP website inducts a ``team’’ without its permission.  In Major League Baseball, players are paid large sums of money because they bring in large sums of money to Major League Baseball due to their entertainment value, and until 1976, MLB was a monopsony (see  I contend that educational institutions are already nearly monopsonotistic, almost always, and RMP merely wants to tap into these local monopsonies from a position of popularist power, centered at their financial sphere of influence, without regard to the negative effect that they create on the entire educational system, and without responsibly dealing with the relevant economic debts that they would incur if they were actually functioning the same way that MLB does with respect to professional baseball.  Our nation cannot sustain this, since it creates a driving force towards mediocrity in our entire educational system, by perpetuating the myth that professors are ``out to get’’ students, and then draining off of the system profits that come from the efforts of the colleges to maintain a market-share in a system that already intentionally minimizes the capability of those educational institutions and their faculty to derive any reasonable level of compensation from their contribution to society, mainly because public institutions are designated as ``non-profit’’, and therefore must regularly demonstrate that any income they derive from their activities is expended in an effort to continue to provide a public service.  Therefore, I contend that RMP owes educational institutions, and states and faculty most of their profits, as they are attempting to destroy the public and private education of all American citizens and of every visitor who comes here to try to obtain a valuable education.  Due to a secondary effect on the rest of society, corporations that donate to educational institutions in an effort to support the production of a competent workforce, should be compensated by RMP, since RMP is deriving a profit from its efforts to undermine the reasonable philanthropic activities of those corporations.  Similarly, I encourage state governments to seek injunctions against RMP, to keep RMP from listing any faculty from their public institutions, until RMP compensates those state governments for undermining their efforts to provide a vibrant and high quality educational experience for their citizens.  If there seems to be no legal way to do so, then shame on the lawyers for not working hard enough to find a way.  Finally, I encourage the federal government to seek an injunction against RMP for undermining its efforts, through scholarship and grant programs, to provide for a vibrant and high quality education for American citizens, and to provide a strong research community that will support our drive toward greater technological and economic prosperity, and to provide a well-prepared workforce for that drive toward prosperity.   







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Employment History

                 …University of Houston, Missouri S&T

Curriculum Vitae

                  …Logic and Its Applications, Nonstandard Algebra,

                      Thin Sets, Sources of Stellar Energy,

                      Mathematics and Design, Philosophy of Science,

                      The Nature of Time, Foundations of Mathematics,

                      Committee Work, Consulting,

                      Master’s and Doctoral Thesis Committees,

                      Courses Taught,

                      Poetry, Prose...


                  …Logic and Its Applications,

                      Algebra and Nonstandard Algebra,

                      Thin Sets, Sources of Stellar Energy...

2011 Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference

November 10-11, 2011

J. C. Penney Conference Center
University of Missouri-St. Louis Campus



































Multi-Structures and Their Logics, for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Philosophy


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