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PI "Prestressed Concrete I-Girder Cracking - Phase II: Causes and Design Detail," Missouri Department of Transportation, University Transportation Center, & UM Research Board; Co-PI: A. Nanni.

PI "The Influence of Surface Area to Volume Ratio on the Quality Control of High Performance Concrete," University Transportation Center & American Concrete Institute - CRC.

Co-PI "Proposal for the Development of a Prototype Imaging Concrete Roughness Measurement Device," University Transportation Center & American Concrete Institute - CRC; PI: N. Maerz, Co-PI: G. Galecki.

Co-PI, "Construction Specifications and Inspection Process for Repair of Concrete Structures Using FRP Reinforcement," Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); PI: A. Nanni, Co-PI: N. Maerz, G. Galecki, S. Roy, A. Belarbi, S. Watkins.

Co-PI, "Construction and Long-Term Monitoring of a Concrete Box Culvert Bridge Reinforced with GFRP Bars," University Transportation Center, Missouri Department of Transportation, City of Rolla, & Industry; PI: A. Nanni.

PI "Optimization of HPC for Missouri Bridge Structures," UM Research Board Proposal.

PI "High Performance Concrete for Bridge A6130 - Route 412 Pemiscot County" Missouri Department of Transportation / FHWA & University Transportation Center.

PI "Characterization of a New FRP Bar for Reinforcement of Concrete," Dow Chemical Company & University Transportation Center; Co-PI: A. Nanni.

Co-PI "GAANN Application for Fellowship Program in Civil Infrastructure Engineering," GAANN - US Dept. of Education; PI: A. Belarbi, Co-PI: R. Luna, R. Stephenson.

Co-PI "National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program: An Integrated Testing System for Civil Infrastructure," National Science Foundation MRI Program; PI: A. Belarbi, Co-PI: A. Nanni, P. Silva, G. Chen, W. Schonberg, R. LaBoube.

Co-PI "Concrete Substructure Surface Preparation, Roughness Characterization, and FRP Bond Strength," National Science Foundation & University Transportation Center; PI: N. Maerz, Co-PI: G. Galecki.

Co-PI "Industry/University Cooperative for Repair of Buildings and Bridges with Composites," Industry/University NSF PI: A. Nanni. Research Topics as PI or Co-PI--"Malcolm-Bliss Building Strengthening and Evaluation, St. Louis, MO", "Blast Resistance of FRP Strengthened Masonry Systems", and "Out of Plane Flexural Behavior of FRP Strengthened Masonry Systems", "In-Plane / Out-Plane / Torsion Behavior of FRP Strengthened Masonry Systems," Collaborators Include A. Nanni, DJ Belarbi, P. Silva, P. Worsey.



American Concrete Institute

ACI Technical Committee 363 "High Strength Concrete" - Voting Member, 1998-Present

ACI Technical Committee 201 "Durability of Concrete" - Associate Member, 1999-Present

ACI Technical Committee 440 "Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement" - Associate Member, 2000-Present

ACI Technical Committee 342 "Evaluation of Concrete Bridges and Bridge Elements" - Voting Member, 2001-Present

ACI Technical Committee E802 "Teaching Methods and Educational Materials" - Voting Member, 2000-Present

ACI Technical Committee E803 "Faculty Network Coordinating Committee" - Secretary and Voting Member, 2000-Present

ACI Technical Committee E804 Walter P. Moore Jr. Faculty Award Nominating Committee, 2001-2003 Appointment

ACI Univ. of Missouri-Rolla Faculty Network Contact

Missouri Department of Transportation

MoDOT Project Development / Bridges Technical Advisory Group, 2000-Present

Transportation Research Board

TRB Technical Committee A2CO3 Committee on Concrete Bridges (Friend of the Committee)

TRB Technical Committee A2C07 Structural Fiber Reinforced Plastics (Committee Member)



Dr. John J. Myers, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, joined UMR under the University's Infrastructure Mission Enhancement Program.  Dr. Myers has been actively involved in high performance materials from a research standpoint for the past eleven years.  In particular, his focus has concentrated on high performance concrete (HPC) behavior and durability performance, fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) in structural repair and strengthening applications including issues related to blast resistance, bond, substrate characterization, fatigue, and durability performance.  He also has research interests in the field of structural health monitoring / bridge instrumentation and non-destructive testing & evaluation.  These interests may be summarized as follows:

  • High Performance Concrete Behavior

  • FRP Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

  • Infrastructure Systems Development and Health Monitoring Systems

  • Development and Evaluation of Structural Connections

  • Concrete Production and Quality Control / Quality Assurance

  • Concrete and FRP Durability Related Issues (Delayed Ettringite Formation, Alkali-silica Reaction, Sulfate Attack, Permeability, Chloride Resistance, Freeze-Thaw, and Abrasion Resistance)

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Systems Evaluation